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Fire Your Child's Imagination at Novel English!

Reading camps for kids

Novel English offers a range of short English Literature courses suitable for individuals and small groups. Novel English hopes to inspire and encourage children to enjoy and engage with English whilst being in a tranquil and rural environment.

Children's Literature Course :
There is a huge range of children's literature written in English; many of the works have exciting plots, varied settings and interesting characters.

They offer common themes with which all children can identify (surviving in the wilderness, befriending animals, solving mysteries). Exploring these themes will be the basis of this course. Children will take part in activities based upon them. They will,experience a midnight feast , make up picnic hampers to enjoy on cliff tops or in fields nearby, make ginger beer, go to strange settings where mysteries, adventures and ghosts may lurk, explore caves where smugglers may have hidden their treasure, go to high points where secret signals may be sent from or from where a fire would have be kept burning with hope of rescue!Helping children love reading

Children will look at the language ingredients that make these stories so appealing such as :the use of romantic backdrop titles, the use of lots of dialogue and adverbs ,the imaginative use of made up words and interesting similes, extraordinary characters, the exciting cliff hangers at the end of chapters that encourage the reader to read on!

Children will all receive a set of props on their arrival : a notebook , a pencil ,a map and a torch.By the time they leave the notebook will be full of ideas and sketches and they will all have had the fun of using their map and torch .

Children will go away knowing about an author, their life, the special devices that were used and drawn upon to make their novels so good. Also they will have experienced a sense of freedom and feel refreshed having participated in physical activities that are traditionally associated with an English holiday such as going on walks , exploring rock pools and paddling in the sea.

Coming up this summer:

Children's Literature new themes:
Tortuous Teachers (includes The Demon Headmaster, Matilda, Nicholas Nickleby ) Monsters and Creatures ( includes The BFG, St George and The Dragon, The Jabberwocky ) Wicked Queens (includes The Snow Queen, Macbeth, Alice in Wonderland, The Wild Swans ) Fantastical Worlds (includes Narnia, The Hobbit, The Wizard of Earthsea, Northern Lights and Elidor)

Favourite themes available on the novelEnglish blog:

The Famous Writers Courses:
This course offers the opportunity for avid readers to really explore a wide range of classical and contemporary writers.

Most courses will combine a mixture of works under a theme such as ' Cloaked Mysteries ' which will comprise of Sherlock Holmes with Twelfth Night and Great Expectations.

Literature activity camp for kidsSometimes though an author,poet or playwright and the historical period will be selected such as 'The Jane Austen Course '.

Since the courses can be tailored for the participants it is possible for the readers themselves to suggest a course title.

Historical contexts will be examined in depth ,literary excursions will take place so that different geographical settings can be appreciated at first hand or to see where a writer grew up and there will be lots of opportunity to participate in discussions and group presentations.

Frequently the course will look at how paintings and music of the same period can aid the reader further in appreciating 'The Greats '.

At the end of the course readers will go away enthused to read more books, poetry or plays by the writers they have explored and to try to write in similar styles and patterns themselves.

Throughout the course there will be lots of opportunity to enjoy some holiday treats such as ice creams and cream teas!

Famous Writers Courses:
Triumph of Love (Jane Eyre, A Midsummers Night Dream, Rebecca)
Early English Literature (Beowulf and Old English)
Dystopia and Utopia (Animal Farm, Brave New World, 200,000 Leagues Under The Sea, War of The Worlds)
Cloaked Mysteries (Sherlock Holmes, Twelfth Night, Great Expectations)

Favourite Themes : available on the novel English blog:

The Shakespeare and English Literature Courses:
This is a tailor made course for the student who loves or despairs at Shakespeare.
This is a tailor made course for the students studying classical authors , contemporary authors , poets and playwrights.
This is a chance to really understand the metaphors , to see how alliteration and couplets work ,to see the play from the audiences point of view , to understand the language from days gone by but which rings as true now as when the work was first written.

The autumn and winter season:
October half term week:
Gothic Genre (includes the works of Mary Shelley)Activity camp for children in Cornwall

Ghost Genre (beside the fire with Victorian and contemporary novels)
Once Upon A Time (Grimm's ,Philip Pullman and The Nutcracker by E.T.A . Hoffman)

Spring Season:

February half term:
The Ways of Love Genre (includes Pride and Prejudice ,My Last Duchess, La Belle Dame Sans Merci and the story of St.Valentine)

At Novel English we provide a chance to enjoy home cooked food which ,when possible , comes from our kitchen garden or from local farms.You can sample some traditional English favourites as found in novels, such as plum pie, tea and home-made cakes, home-made ginger beer and fresh lemonade.

Courses are held on a small,farmstead on the edge of Goonhilly Downs, close to the sea, on the Lizard Peninsula -the most southerly point of south - west Cornwall.

We provide a range of accommodation in traditional buildings, surrounded by fields in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Novel English courses also act as stepping stones for pupils further literature study in school life -preparing them for SATS, GCSES, A levels, course work and university preparation.

Other courses such as one day workshops for larger groups or younger children can also be arranged on request.