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With forecasters predicting we could be heading for our hottest summer yet, this will hopefully mean long fun-filled days at the seaside! To make the most of this expected sunshine, we must ensure our little ones are both protected and safe in the sun, sea and pool.

All4KidsUK therefore spoke to Konfidence, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of premium swimming products for babies and children, who explained what the must-have sun and swim products are.

Original Konfidence™ Jacket

The award-winning neoprene Original Konfidence™ Jacket is an essential piece of kid’s holiday kit. Its popular design consists of an easy-to-use removable eight-float system that allows buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs and ability.

The ‘body warmer’ style design, which wraps around the child’s torso, also keeps the child’s arms free, which is essential when learning to swim (unlike armbands or discs which can be cumbersome for children and ‘babyish’ for older children). See video HERE The Jacket also features Konfidence’s signature bright yellow back, which provides hi-visibility for parents at the pool or on the beach. It also offers 100% UV protection on all covered areas.

Konfidence Warma™ Wetsuit

The Jacket teams up perfectly with the Konfidence Warma™ Wetsuit, which is made from a soft, flexible 2mm-thick neoprene to help keep youngsters warm whilst in the swimming pool or on a breezy beach. The adjustable shoulder straps make it easy for children to get on and off, and the sleeveless vest design allows the arms freedom of movement when swimming.

To colour coordinate, the popular pink hibiscus flower and blue palm leaves patterns available on the Original Konfidence™ Jacket have also been extended to the Warma Wetsuit. It also comes in fuchsia wave and nautical wave for ages 2-3, 4-5, and 6-7.

Konfidence Floatsuit

For those who prefer the more traditional swim suit, Konfidence has created the ever-so cute float suit made from soft Lycra fabric. They work on the same principle as the Original Konfidence™ Jacket - eight individual removable floats are worn in outer pockets which can easily be removed for tailored buoyancy as the child grows, develops and learns water confidence.

This design, like the Jacket, keeps the child’s arms free and has made it a popular alternative to arm bands and discs.

New is the T-shirt Floatsuit which offers even more UV protection, 50+, for delicate young skin because it has a higher neckline and covers the shoulders. Available in bright blue with clownfish detail on the float pack, it is the perfect swimsuit for young water babes who are gaining confidence in the pool.

UV Clothing

Whether by the pool, the beach or playing in the garden, sun protection clothing is essential for children of all ages. Konfidence adds that it also needs to be fun, stylish and appealing for different age groups to ensure they’ll wear it! So, inspired by their own Cornish surroundings where surfing is a way of life, Konfidence has created a new designer range for 2014 using the popular surf-style patterns from the buoyancy learn to swim products.

The collection, which can be worn in or out of the water, comprises long-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve sun suits, shorts, and legionnaire style hats for children aged six months to 7 years.

The sun suits for ages 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months also incorporate crotch poppers to make nappy changes as easy as it can be.

Konfidence is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year – 1998 being the year it launched its best-selling Original Konfidence™ Jacket – and over on the company’s Facebook page there is an exclusive 15% anniversary discount code. All you have to do to reveal the code is Like their page.

For further information on all Konfidence’s baby swimming, buoyancy and UV products visit