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Rent Toys and Books, Don't Buy

The pick of the world's premium toys and books direct to your door! is an online toy and book library, launched in January 2012 that brings the pick of the world’s premium brand toys and books direct to your door. Renting childrens’ toys and books is not new, there are thousands of libraries and toy libraries in the UK, but renting online is. For busy or working parents, getting to the library on a regular basis can be challenging, KidsLibrary solves this problem by delivering boxes stuffed with wooden, musical and development toys along with fun and educational books to your door and then swapping them for a whole new box of fun when your little one is bored of them.

Renting makes sense financially (who wouldn’t want a Brio Walk On Push Cart for 35p per week?) and renting online is convenient, but there are other advantages too. You can get better brands for your budget and keep up with the latest trends. KidsLibrary understands that you want the best for your children so only supplies premium brands including Brio, Melissa & Doug, TOLO, Usborne and Ladybird. Then there are the environmental benefits – no packaging to throw away and no guilt pangs due to discarded toys and books. To give you an extra ‘feel good’ factor, we don’t throw anything away either. All KidsLibrary’s packaging is reused or recycled and our ‘too tatty to rent’ toys and books are donated to charity.

Finally there are the safety benefits. No legislation ensures toys you buy second hand are ‘safe’, but KidsLibrary only supplies toys and books with the CE mark from reputable suppliers and quality controls each item to ensure there is no damage. Every item is thoroughly cleaned, and items that children are prone to putting in their mouth, or items with fabric that cannot be cleaned properly, are not stocked. We do all the hard work; you have all the fun. Packages start at £29.99/month which is less than that gym membership you never use. If you spend your evenings bidding on eBay or visit nearly new sales every Saturday, you may think that sounds a lot. But take the cost of quality wooden toys and beautifully illustrated books, add in a convenience factor plus a little something for cleanliness and safety, and paying as little as 35p per item per week suddenly sounds good value.

Online toy libraries are building in popularity in the US, Asia and Europe and are already established in Australia and New Zealand. To rent rather than buy for babies and children makes perfect sense, especially for those items that have a short period of ‘usefulness’ such as toys and books. Anyone that has had a baby knows how quickly they develop; that ‘contrast’ book that first amused them is quickly superseded by the ‘touch and feel’ book which is then itself tossed aside in favour of the ‘flap’ book. Fascination with the rattle diminishes as interest in the drum grows; and that beautiful wooden walking aid you bought your precious little one for his birthday was only used for a few weeks because the budding Mo Farah toddled down the whole length of the kitchen at the age of 13 months.

So, eliminate the toy mountain and overflowing book shelf; become a member of and start renting. Having your toys and books whisked away every 2 months and replaced with a whole new lot is an economical, fuss free, environmentally friendly and makes a lot more sense. Try it!

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