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Quadro - Build, climb, drive, slide and splash all year round!

QUADRO are amazing construction kits that grow with your children; from baby to teenager. All QUADRO kits can be combined with each other so you can create your own private playground designed for your individual wishes and needs! There are no limits with QUADRO from wendy house to pool, a tree house or a fort with a slide - with QUADRO everything is possible.

QUADRO is the ultimate large scale childrens construction play kit, with a six year manufacturers warranty.

QUADRO was invented by Hubert Ruether in 1979 .Since that date QUADRO has been manufactured in Hamberg Germany . If you had bought QUADRO in 1979 it is still compatible with todays QUADRO kits.

Once constructed QUADRO can be used either indoors or outdoors, the models can be changed asper the computer design manual , other kits can be added to make larger constructions, QUADRO is completly flexible to your childs requirements and grows with your child.

There are five kits to chose from, from My First Quadro to the Universal, a slide or pool can be added, or wheels purchased to make vehicles. QUADRO can be used by one child or a group of children, suitable for children from 3 years.

Please email us at to request a sample of the QUADRO tube, connector and screw fitment, please quote ALL 4 KIDS.

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