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Parent coaching companies help families cope with everyday life. Gain confidence and become a better parent. Parents with sleepness nights can take the first step to a full night's sleep with help and advice from professionals

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Judy Manson

Support for children and young people
Multiple Areas
Worried about your teenager?

  • Locked all day in their room – or out partying all night?
  • Cut off from their friends – or no friends at all?
  • Mixing with the wrong crowd?
  • School or college work falling off?
  • Disappearing for long periods – and refusing to explain?
  • Won’t talk to you – and refuses to listen as well?

If questions like these are causing you concern, call me for a no-obligation chat in total confidence.

With years of experience as a mentor, mediator and coach for some of London’s most troubled young people, I have helped hundreds of teenagers to turn their lives around – and their families to rediscover the laughter and unity they once had.

I have five years experience at the Maudsley Hospital working with children and young people. I'm a qualified adviser with NYAS ( National Youth Advocacy Service), Experienced Childline Counsellor and are CRB checked to the highest level.


Emerald Parent Coaching

Have you ever wished that children came with a manual?

One ordinary day, seemingly just like any other you become a parent. And you spend the next few years wondering what on earth has hit you. You would like a reliable source of advice to turn to, to help you with the most important yet demanding role of your life?

So how do you learn to deal with amongst others -

  • What happens when you become a new parent!
  • Balancing work and family!
  • Increased stress!
  • Your child's behaviour!
  • Changes to you and your partners relationship!
  • Why you are the parent you are!
    • Jackie Grier is a nurse, Health visitor and coach with 20 years experience, working with both parents and professionals. She has a flexible, affordable, approach to coaching that suits your needs and lifestyle as a busy parent.

      Parent coaching at Emerald is offered on the telephone, face to face and in group workshops. So if you would like to be a more confident parent, understand that you are the expert on your children and learn to trust your own judgement contact Emerald Parent Coaching and..

      become the parent you were always meant to be ...

      Multiple Areas
      ACT Psychology Service is run by a Chartered Educational Psychologist. I can provide cognitive and learning assessments for children and young people, advice on behaviour and emotional problems, help for anxiety and phobias, including exam anxiety.

      I have knowledge and experience of working with children and young people with a variety of additional needs, in particular Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, Dyslexia, attachment and Dyspraxia. I am trained to offer cognitive behaviour therapy and am qualified as a life coach. I can offer support to you to minimise the impact of separation and divorce on your children. I am available to work with children and young people or to provide help and support to parents through consultation.

      I am a member of the British Psychological Society, The Association of Educational Psychologists and am HPC registered.

      To book an assessment or a consultation please contact me.

      The Parent Support Service, run by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, provides practical, professional guidance for common parenting concerns such as: difficulties with children and adolescents' behaviour; problems with eating and sleeping and strained family relationships. Face-to-face parenting guidance is available for parents in Bristol (UK) and the surrounding area. For certain difficulties, telephone and email support is also available for parents across the UK. The service specialises in increasing parents' understanding of their child's behaviour and equipping parents with practical strategies for improving family relationships.

      The Parent Support Service also provides psychological therapy for children and adolescents, using brief, evidence based techniques to address emotional concerns such as: anxiety; fears & phobias; depression; low self-esteem; obsessive thoughts & compulsive behaviours and post-traumatic stress. Assessment for social communication difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder is also available.

      Miranda Cox

      Devon Map
      I am a psychotherapsit working from Bideford, North Devon and have been qualified for 20 years. I am registered with UKCP and have an Enhanced CRB check.

      I have a certificate in counselling children and adolescents and offer a wide range of play and creative materials and methods for children to use as they explore any troubles they may have in a safe, private and friendly place.

      I work in a practical and professional way with, eg, traumatic experiences, wetting and soiling, bereavement, bullying, family relationship struggles, difficulties at school, shyness and anger and can also suggest strategies to help handle things in a clearer way.

      Parents/guardians are welcome to come and meet me first for an informal, confidential discussion.

      There is disabled access.

      Multiple Areas

      'Because kids don't come with a handbook'

      Interested in learning to become a better parent? Log onto our website for your FREE report.

      Specialists in Psychological Assessment and Treatment
      KindleKids is a child psychology service run by an experienced highly specialist Chartered Clinical Child Psychologist and specialist team. We work together with parents (and schools where appropriate) to assess, understand, support and provide strategies for managing a range of difficulties and concerns.

      We offer:

      • Educational / Psychological Assessment
      • Therapeutic support to children and teenagers
      • Parenting support
      • Consultation to schools

      We can help with a range of emotional, behavioural, social and learning issues that may be contributing to a child or teenager feeling unhappy, lacking in confidence or feeling out of control. Following psychological assessment, the child psychologist works with parents so that individual treatment plans can be developed to support them and their families in understanding and addressing their difficulties while at the same time acknowledging and nurturing their relative strengths, in order to help them to reach their potential.

      Please see our website for parenting tips and more information about who we are, how we can help and what we offer.

      You are also welcome to call us for a free telephone consultation to see how we can help prior to booking an appointment.

      To contact Leanne Cowan directly please phone 07929 972291

      Helping children with emotional & behaviour problems
      Many children don’t want to, or cannot, talk about their problems. Play therapy is very effective for children aged 3 to 12. The child chooses from a range of activities in the play room. These include: drawing and painting, sand tray, clay, puppets, musical instruments, story-telling, role play. The Play Therapist focuses closely on the child, communicating using the media the child has chosen. Although of course, the child can talk about their problems, when they are ready, on average research shows only 8% of the session is spent in talking.

      Between 73% and 84% receiving play therapy to Play Therapy UK’s standards show a positive change – the more severe the problems the higher the change. (Based on over 10,000 cases).

      Because play therapy works through unconscious processes, it is important that practitioners are fully qualified and meet the highest standards of practice. Play Therapy is now regulated through the Professional Standards Authority’s Accredited Voluntary Register scheme. The PTUK Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists warrants the quality and effectiveness of its Registrants. Using unregistered therapists can be dangerous.

      Play therapy improves a child’s ability to learn and reduces the chance of adult mental health problems.

      Your Child Can (

      Advisor for families with children with special needs
      Multiple Areas

      ABC Baby Sleep Centre


      Voted ‘Best Buy’ by Health Visitor Journal, the best-selling The Good Sleep Guide for You and Your Baby (91 pages, £6.99) is used by over 1,500 health visitors. Its easy-to-follow programme for getting Baby to sleep through the night has rescued literally thousands from torture and despair, “saving their lives” (as some have put it).

      “Your Good Sleep Guide has given us our first good night’s sleep in three years.” Sharon Walker, Mum

      “Thank you for saving me from continued sleep deprivation … last night Baby slept from 7pm to 6.30am. What bliss!” Helena Miller, Mum

      “I would gladly have paid ten times the price of your book.” Lisa Smith, Mum


      Viewing 1-10 of 10 entries
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