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Children's Online and Tutored Handwriting Lessons in South Wales

Online programs and lessons helping improve children’s handwriting. Improve joined-up handwriting with practice worksheets, games and activities. Good handwriting boosts self-confidence, improves communication and helps achieve higher scores in exams.

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Improving Handwriting Share

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme transforms messy or illegible handwriting to neat and tidy in 30 simple steps and has resulted in fantastic results with thousands of children.

Created by Lee Dein, a speech and language therapist and dyslexia teacher who has over 30 years teaching experience. The Magic Link Handwriting Programme is perfect for school children from who are 6 years and above i.e. primary and secondary school pupils.

This highly structured programme can be bought online or via Amazon. Face-to Face tutoring is also available. The simple ‘Magic Link’ font used throughout the programme simplifies the handwriting process and eliminates the complicated and unnecessary flicks and curls. The teaching videos contain ‘top tips’ and music throughout to make learning fun and engaging.

The Magic Link programme has achieved excellent results for all pupils, including those who are left-handed, hypermobile or have dyslexia. The NON joined-up Magic Link Programme is also available for 5-year-old and can be purchased online.

For more examples of children's 'before' and after handwriting please visit the Twitter page ; or the Facebook page:


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