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Swimming classes for children in Warminster, Wiltshire

Swimming lessons for children from pre-school onwards. Swimming holiday courses as well as weekly swimming classes for girls and boys.

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SwimStars offers swimming classes throughout Wiltshire for boys and girls aged from 3 years. Our group lessons have no more than 4 children ensuring that each child gets lots of individual attention and can progress at their own pace.

Run by a fully qualified instructor, all lessons operate to the highest standard and run in line with the National Plan for Teaching Swimming. We aim to teach swimming through fun and play so children love learning to swim! All lessons are held in privately owned pools that offer a warm and safe environment. Because we feel it is important that all children feel a real sense of achievement, badges are regularly awarded for every stage completed.

Visit our website for full details or contact us to book your lessons.

Swimming lessons for children in: Frome, Kingsdown, Bradford on Avon


0773 838 2856

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Children's swimming aids Share

Konfidence is your one-stop shop for Baby Swimming, Buoyancy and Beachwear essentials. Value for money and high quality products for your children, all year round. We are the designer, manufacturer and distributor of the Konfidence range. So superb customer service and top quality products are what you will receive when buying from Konfidence. Our baby swimming range is used worldwide and is recommended by many leading baby swim schools here in the UK.

Products available all year round;

  • A comprehensive baby swimming range including - Babywarma™ Wetsuits, Poncho Towels, Paddler Pools Socks, Baby changers and lots more
  • Swim Nappies - One size AquaNappies and NeoNappies™ (these are worn over regular swim nappies to give a double layer protection)
  • Sun Protection Clothing - from 6 months including Sun suits, Hats, T-Shirts & Shorts, PLUS a longer sleeved range for even more protection.
  • Konfidence Jackets & Floatsuits - helping children learn to swim with adjustable buoyancy and fun bright colours.
  • Shortie Wetsuits, Warma™ Wetsuits, Beach Shoes & Micro Neo T-Shirts
  • and lots, lots more

Visit us on-line today and see all the fantastic lines we have to offer.


(01566) 777887

Category: Swimming classes for children

Viewing 1-2 of 2 entries